Consumer Directed Plans

At MMA, we view consumerism as a whole range of strategies, not simply a plan design.  While plan design and products such as HSAs and HRAs can be part of the overall strategy, it is possible to add elements of consumerism within traditional health plans.  Mostly commonly, employers are incorporating health improvement programs, disease management programs, tiered pricing, and spending accounts.

Consumerism is about getting your employees to understand the true cost of healthcare, the different options available to them to treat their needs, and to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices that impact healthcare costs.  

Benefit experts define consumerism as a strategy that helps people:

  • adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • make informed decisions when they need access to health care;
  • managing their health care funds wisely by such measures as choosing cost-effective providers; and
  • become active participants in decisions about their own health care*

Through our Strategic Planning process we can work with you to develop a customized plan to fit your needs and company goals.  Our Employee Education materials help employees become educated consumers and make better choices to maximize their benefits.  In addition, our work and expertise in Health Improvement Programs help employees improve their risk factors.

*Employee Benefits Journal

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