Private Exchanges

A private exchange is an online portal that offers multiple benefit plan options to employees, usually through a single carrier, allowing employers to shift to a defined contribution strategy and set a limit on their their health care spend.  Private exchanges continue to have growing interest due to benefits seen by both the employer and employee.

What are some of the benefits:

  • they can be tied to a defined contribution (DC) approach to fund the employer contribution
  • offers some administrative advantages - to include automating eligibility and enrollment, managing payroll deductions, and responding to employee questions throughout the year
  • variety of plans and products allowing the employee to select those that meet their needs and budgets
  • decision-support tools 

MMA provides expertise in benefits administration, communications, and plan design.  We contract with all major independent and carrier exchange platforms, rather than one single platform and system, and have the proven track record of aligning employers' objectives with the best marketplace solutions.  

What Employers Need to Know About Private Exchanges - A Brief Video:


MMA MarketLink is Marsh & McLennan Agency's private exchange - a one-stop-shop technology solution that provides an integrated, personalized and automated employee benefits selection and administration experience.

With MMA MarketLink, you have best-in-class offerings and tools backed by Marsh McLennan Agency's deep expertise in benefits plan management, administration, and communications.

Designed for companies looking to enhance the employee benefits experience for their employees, MMA MarketLink provides you with a comprehensive platform that streamlines the administrative process and enables you to better control your benefits spend.

MMA MarketLink enables you to:

  • Integrate processes and systems to increase efficiencies and save time.
  • Provide affordable, high- quality benefits offerings and plan designs aligned with state and federal exchanges.
  • Remain compliant with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations.
  • Provide guidance and tools to help employees choose the right benefits.
  • Gain control over your benefits budget, while allowing employees more freedom to choose where they spend their benefits dollars.

Visit our dedicated MMA MarketLink website to learn more: www.mmamarketlink.com

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