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What?! Your Grocery Store Does Not Have Vegetables or Dairy Products??

In today's day and age very few of us in North Carolina live in either a rural setting where we can grow and raise our own food or in an urban setting where we are within walking distance of different stores that would allow us to buy the different types of food we want and need.

Nope, we live in the suburban sprawl of large developments of houses/townhouses and strip malls. We live a lifestyle of juggling multiple activities (jobs, kids, civic organizations, etc) that makes us dependent upon large grocery stores that carry all the products we need for our families.

Could you imagine if you showed up at your favorite grocery store (mine is Lowe's) and you were told that you had to go to a different store to buy your vegetables and then a completely different store to buy your dairy goods. It wouldn't take long before a grocery store with that approach went out of business.

Now why is a Benefit Advisor from Progressive Benefit Solutions writing about grocery stores???

Because the role of a benefit advisory firm is much like the role of a grocery store - we need to be able to provide for all your needs in one place.

Companies have either eliminated or dramatically reduced the staff that is responsible for supporting HR/Benefits. Chances are that if you are reading this blog then you are responsible for your company's employee benefit plans and you are either in the HR Department with far less staff than you had 3-5 years ago or your primary responsibility is Finance and HR/Benefits have been thrown into your lap.

You are juggling multiple responsibilities as a result of Healthcare Reform, compliance and legislation, financial pressures, and a difficult economy. You can no longer afford to have an agent that is not an expert in all aspects of benefit delivery (medical, life/disability, voluntary group products, healthcare reform). The alternative is to work with one of the national consulting firms that drive up from Charlotte or the Triad and charge fees as if they are a New York City law firm and your company is just a number to them.

Progressive Benefit Solutions is proud of the fact that we listened to our customers and potential clients and realized this transformation was beginning years ago and as result have built a company that offers the ability to meet all the needs associated with HR/Benefits.

In case you don't already know, these services include have an HR Consultant on staff, an actuarial department, Vice President of Voluntary Group Products (e.g., AllState, Aflac), dedicated Account Managers, a Wellness Coordinator, access to the premier Employee Benefit Law Firm in Proskauer, and a dedicated specialist for Individual and Medicare insurance.

We want to make that you know about the width and breadth of our services and that is the reason our new tagline is "Diverse and Focused".

Please contact Todd Reider at 919-325-4753 for more information regarding our services.

Posted August 25, 2011

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